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1962 The Tri-County Midget Football League originated as the Twin County Football League.
The first officers were Roy Fellows, President; Andy Brochinsky, Vice President; Jack Dempsey, Secretary; and Paul Semanco, Treasurer.
The League started play with 7 teams:
     2 Pottsville teams - St. John's and St. Pat's
     2 Mt. Carmel teams - Holy Spirit and St. Peters (later to became the Jets)
     Pine Grove
     St. Clair
The Pottsville teams dropped out of the League.
Ashland, Shenandoah, Minersville, and Schuylkill Valley entered the League.
TRICO became a 9 team league.
The League played an annual All-Star game.
1971 Nesquehoning entered bringing TRICO to 10 teams.
1972 Pine Grove dropped out of the League.
Shamokin entered the League.
1973 The League officially changed its name to TRICO.
1977 Schuylkill Valley dropped out of the League bringing TRICO to 9 teams.
Shenandoah changed its name to the Jr. Blue Devils.
1978 Mahanoy Area entered the League making TRICO a 10 team league again.
1985 Pottsville reentered the League with 2 teams - the Bulldogs and Maroons.
TRICO became a 12 team League.
Nesquehoning changed its name to Panther Valley.
The League split into 2 divisions.
The League had its first playoff games.
The League had its first league championship games.
1987 The All-star games were renewed with the West defeating the East 12-8 at Mahanoy City.
The League reduced the season to eight games in order to accommodate the All-star game.
1989 Mt. Carmel Holy Spirit dropped out of the League at the conclusion of the 1989 season.
TRICO became an 11 team league with no divisional play.
1992 The Blue Mt. Eagles enter the League bringing TRICO back to 12 teams.
Divisional play returned.
1996 Pottsville had to drop one team leaving the Bulldogs as their only entry
     (result of high school starting a Junior High program).
The Tri-Valley Dawgs entered the League keeping TRICO as a 12 team league.
1997 Panther Valley went back to their original name of Nesquehoning.
1998 Shamokin changed their name from Red Raiders to Indians.
The Mini's were incorporated into the Tri-County League.
Minersville captured the first ever Tri-County Mini championship.
1999 Shamokin and Ashland started Mini programs and were admitted into the League.
Nesquehoning dropped their program prior to the start of the season
     and every scheduled opponent received a forfeit.
TRICO became an 11 team league.
The League adopted a new playoff system with 6 teams making the playoffs,
     adding a wild card game.
2000 A full 10 game schedule was played with no divisions.
Blue Mountain entered a Mini team.
2001 Realignment of divisions and an 8 game schedule:
     North (Shenandoah-Frackville-Mahanoy Area-Shamokin-Mount Carmel-Ashland)
     South (Pottsville-Minersville-St. Clair-Blue Mountain-Tri-Valley).
2004 The League, on a unanimous vote, eliminated the Pee Wee and Mini All-star games.
The Midget All-star game roster was expanded to 33 players each (North and South).
The Mahanoy Area Midget team disbanded
     (result of their high school starting a Junior High program).
The League allowed the Pee Wee and Mini Bears to remain in the League for this year.
The Hazleton Raiders applied and were granted admission into the League
     at the August registration meeting.
TRICO became a 12 team league.
2005 The Mahanoy Midget team was reinstated and in a unanimous vote at the winter meetings.
The Midget All-star game was eliminated.
2006 Hazleton changed its name from the Raiders to the Cougars.
Mahanoy Area dropped out of the League
     (result of their school Junior High program).
Williams Valley applied and was admitted into the League - Southern Division.
Frackville moved into the Northern Division.
2009 Frackville, Ashland, Blue Mountain, and St. Clair were unable to field a team at the Midget level
     (result of Nativity, Blue Mountain, and North Schuylkill schools starting Junior High programs).

2010 Mahanoy Area's Pee Wee and Mini teams were readmitted to the League with a unanimous vote.
TRICO became a 13 team league at the Pee Wee and Mini levels.
Shamokin and Pottsville were unable to field a team at the Midget level.
Only 6 teams remained at the Midget level (Hazleton, Mt. Carmel, Shenandoah, Minersville,
     Tri-Valley, and Williams Valley).
2011 Minersville and Shenandoah were unable to field a team at the Midget level
     (result of the schools starting Junior High programs).
The League's Midget Division was forced to dissolve.
Williams Valley and Tri-Valley joined the Twin-Valley League.
Mt. Carmel Midgets joined the Twin-Valley League
     - their Pee Wee and Mini divisions remained with TRICO.
Tamaqua, Panther Valley, and Jim Thorpe were accepted into the League.
That created a 14 team League - with new divisions of East and West:
  Blue Mountain
  St. Clair
  Mt. Carmel
  Panther Valley
  Mahanoy City
  Jim Thorpe
50th Anniversary Year of Tri-County youth football.
2012 Mt. Carmel dropped out of the League.
TRICO became a 13 team League.
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